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As a curator, counselor, advisor and educator, I’ve been asked questions about many of these topics and trust that you will find practical, motivating and inspiring info and answers relevant to your own well-being and that of your family and friends.

I’m delighted to be assembling new and previous posts to this all-in-one location here at Forays Into the AHHHsome, to make it easier-than-ever for me to share and for you to find info about what you want, need or are curious about.

I want to give a shout out for to my dear friend, and very own angel,  Joan of Angels artist and Divine Messenger channel, for her support and much-needed assistance in getting this website up and running. We all need assistance from time to time to navigate unchartered waters so that we can share our unique gifts with others.

Just in case, this is your very first time here, let me give you a brief overview of WHO I AM and WHERE I’ve come across some of this “knowledge.”

Life is long. As a child of the ‘60s, I had a burning life-long desire to discover the “Purpose of Life.” I gravitated from Tuckahoe  (an village in Westchester County, New York) to Santa Cruz, California the summer after college graduation. After receiving  “Knowledge” from a mahatma of Prem Rawat (Guru Maharaji) in London,  I began a life-long meditation practice, became a vegetarian and eventually made my way to San Francisco. It was an exciting and pivotal time for us all.

In San Francisco, I was one of several cofounders of RAINBOW GROCERY AND GENERAL STORE, and Rainbow’s very-first dry-goods buyer. Advocating many popular staples still available there today, I was a core voice in expanding our 16th Street storefront a couple of doors down to include Rainbow General Store. My interest in healthy food and lifestyles began with Adele Davis, Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit, in my undergraduate years at University of Bridgeport, in Connecticut. As a result,  from day one, I championed organic products in every department. All these years later, I’m proud that RAINBOW is respected around trhe world as one of the most successful people’s food collectives and still serves the local San Francisco community.

Around the time Rainbow opened, I was involved in musical and community theater, and taught dance to children and adults. When I moved to SoCal, I continued performing, doing TV-and-film stints and teaching movement and modeling with a group of friends who traveled the world as The Rainbow Gypsies. Through my own “Dance Trance Fusion” classes and performances in SoCal and NorCal (a combo of tap, ballet for the non-dancer, jazz, yoga, etc.) adults and children opened up to their inner dancer.

I studied Lomi Lomi Massage, with Auntie Margaret on the Big Island of Hawaii, where I was offered respite from friends to convalesce as a cervical cancer survivor, which  resulted ten years after having a stainless steel majzlin spring IUD removed. Recommended by a local Santa Cruz women’s clinic, when I was first married, it was later recalled because it tended to imbed into the cervix. The Good News when I returned to the mainland, was that I left all thoughts of cancer behind to become “massage therapist to the stars” in Malibu.

As a teacher, I’ve researched, studied and taught Astrological Awareness, Insights and Motivation (AAIM) on and off camera since 1987, when I walked out of a used book shop in with five books on astrology. I was director of a metaphysical retreat center in Colorado Springs that summer of the original Harmonic Convergence, the publics first intro to the Mayan Calendar. When I returned to Malibu, I  became Behavior Breakthrough Trainer for Nutri-Systems Weight Loss Centers throughout Ventura county, where I got to teach hundreds of clients as a counselor and soon after, as area trainer, to support Behavior and Nutritional Counselors  in empowering their clients’ success.

All this was basically BDA, “Before the Digital Age.”

In the 90s, I became a host, writer and intern for Falcon TV and Century Cable TV in Malibu and Santa Monica. I had my first AIM (Astrology) TV show there right before I was invited to co-found and be editor-in-chief of PERCEPTIONS magazine, followed by positions as managing editor of several national publications as well as broadcast media, in early forays onto the Internet. In ’97 when Perceptions ended, I began working in PR & Marketing and started a column in various Los Angeles magazines called, “Forays Into the Ahhhsome,” the title of this website.

My love of creating community, teaching metaphysics, mindfulness, healthy lifestyles, movement, and cleansing tools—especially the Master Cleanse, which I do several times a year —permeates every project and role I have played.

BTW, be sure to visit “Ageless Vitality Master Cleanse” for tips, secrets and support: it is a total-body-awareness RESET that is ideal for beginners as well as experienced MC’ers.

Having had my finger on the pulse of upcoming trends for years, I’m delighted to share fabulous foods, recipes, lifestyles, tools and techniques in all areas of life that make my heart sing… In these crazy times, it feels especially important  to listen to our hearts. Beauty, both in nature and in people, is a great place to start. Being aware and grateful, inside or out, and acknowledging and sharing that awareness and gratitude creates a win- win-win for all. Photographing sunsets, nature and beauty in its many aspects, brings me joy, so I will probably be sharing a few photos here and there as well.

Since I’ve passionately explored METAPHYSICS throughout my life and spend years making it as understandable and practical to use as possible, I’m happy to share some simple tools—tools that can help each of us every step of the way. Tools that are fun to discover and joyful to share with others.

MOORE RECENTLY>>>                                                                                                                                        In 2000 I was ordained a minister of the Church of Gentle Brothers & Sisters (GBS), on Mt Shasta. I was given the spiritual name* “Shima,”– (pronounced she-mah), which means “love” in Hopi. Prior to that day, I never had heard the word “shima” before. A few weeks later,  one of my fellow GBS ministers presented me with The Essence, an album by Deva Premal and Mitten, with a cut on it entitled, “Shima, Shima.”

In 2001, I married Mr. Moore and thus became Shima Moore ~ “more love,”— nice. 😉 No longer married, I chose to keep the name.

In 2002, after introducing my GBS brother, Robert Quicksilver, to the world of conscious conference/expo production,  we co-founded the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo.  For its first 8 years, I was Program Director for Conscious Life as well as for the Wisdom Festival in San Francisco: these days, I  manage segments of the conference, as well as emcee, moderate panels, and present.

In 2005, I became a clinically certified Hypnotherapist through Hypnotherapy Training Institute in Corte Madera. I worked with clients for a while, helping them to deal with pain-free surgery and recovery, weight control, etc.  Since I haven’t focused in on a specific niche where I’d like to support my clients (in such a massive field), I have put my license on the back burner for a while.


We are NOW entering the Fifth Dimension!

Since 2012, we have begun to shift into a new paradigm, known by many as the 5th Dimension or 5D.

It began, for me, in a whirlwind Cross-Country journey on a triple-decker, multi-media converted psychedelic school bus, to herald the “LovEvolution.” At some point I’ll post photos and journals of my adventures on the “Magic Love Bus 2012: Healing Divisions Coast-to-Coast.”

In 2012, I was invited by a long-time friend to be a core member and EVP of NLN Media Network- Enlightened TV, Radio & Media. We are still holding a vision for its manifestation and ready to go when the timing is right. If you can offer support for this worthwhile endeavor, “Let’s tawk.”

In December 2012, on a Mayan Calendar-Galactic Alignment Cruise, I led an end-of-the Mayan Calendar pre-dawn ritual in the midst of gale-force winds on an upper deck of Carnival’s Triumph—two months later, the Triumph was called, “a disaster at sea.” Every story I’ve heard of friends on exotic Mayan Calendar-oriented adventures has had its own challenge during its attempt to herald the end of a cycle. Somehow it seems to reflect overwhelming trials and taboos portrayed in films about early explorers who uncovered sacred temples in the Mayan jungles. Hmmmm.

A year later, December 2013, I had my first STARGATE EXPERIENCE, an ahhhsome 12th Dimensional Portal, afterward I became the SF Bay Area Coordinator; June 2015, I was certified as a Stargate Facilitator myself, and in September 2015, I co-created 5DHC Marin (a 5th-dimensional healing community) and now lead 5D Star Portal events.

I began plummeting new depths in more traditionally oriented Astrology in June 2015, as an online student of Adam Elenbass of Nightlight Astrology. I continued with Adam in two more of his advanced courses, which is were exciting. Traditional astrology has been around since the dawn of humanity, when ancient priest and oracles used the stars to counsel royalty. I’m delighted to marriage traditional and modern insights to assist people in all aspects of their lives and relationships.

In November 2016, I coordinated an exciting fundraiser for Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity—“The Reconnection Project.” TRP brought together a wide variety of Bay Area 5D healers, authors, and change-makers for the very first time while supporting a very worthwhile cause—youth 18-25 who are homeless or have zero support in navigating during such an pivotal transitional period in their lives.

Mid-September I helped to midwife and was emcee, Stargate Facilitator, Longevity Panel Host, and Traditional Astrology Workshop presenter for New Paradigm Shift: Co-creating Solutions for our Future in Berkeley. In February 2017, I began doing my 5D_StarPortal Stargate Activation/Meditation at the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo once again. Perhaps we can meet there, sometime. . . .

April 9-15, 2017 I was a presenter and emcee onboard an Intuition Cruise, a Holistic Seminar-at-Sea. What a wonderful experience in getging to know exceptional presenters in a more intimate setting.  .

Mindfulness, Personal Growth, Conscious Business, Media, Alternative Lifestyles, Astrology, The Stargate Experience, Vegan/Vegetarian, Ageless Vitality Master Cleanse, Yoga, Dance, Music, Conscious Events, Travels . . . “Foray’s Into The Ahhhsome,” includes a broad range of topics.

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