Success Mindset for a 10-Day Master Cleanse

I'm in no hurry to rush the seasons; in fact, summer's only slightly more than a week old... but, as a waxing gibbous (almost full) Sagittarius moon will soon be full, it's an ideal time to celebrate manifesting initial stages in transferring archival blogs to a brand new website. Thanks for growing with me on this ever-evolving journey . . . … Continue reading Success Mindset for a 10-Day Master Cleanse

The Lemonade Diet, Day One

Today is the last day of June 2015. Sunshine, blue skies and a green-hillside dotted with various sizes of evergreens are visible from my living-room office. It's somewhat miraculous this time of year (June 2015) to enjoy days like this at my Tennessee Valley mountaintop getaway. Summertime generally draws in a thick marine layer from the Pacific … Continue reading The Lemonade Diet, Day One