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Success Mindset for a 10-Day Master Cleanse


I’m in no hurry to rush the seasons; in fact, summer’s only slightly more than a week old… but, as a waxing gibbous (almost full) Sagittarius moon will soon be full, it’s an ideal time to celebrate manifesting initial stages in transferring archival blogs to a brand new website. Thanks for growing with me on this ever-evolving journey . . .

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There is NO success without the correct mindset.

Whether we have studied Abraham-Hicks, watched The Secret, read Napolean Hill, listened to any number of motivational or inspirational teachers or read the bible, most people are pretty much aware of the phase “As a man [Woman] thinketh, so he is.”*

Today is one of a most glorious day in the Bay Area, better than this entire summer…a wonderful segue into autumn. It’s true, fall offers our best days of “summer” weather here in the San Francisco Bay area, especially along the coast.

So, after a wonderful yoga class, and hunting down organic lemons at Paradise Market (note to self: finding organic lemons is no small feat this time of the year), I decided to stretch my legs before sitting down at my laptop to work.

As I walked along the along the scenic bay trail at Blackie’s Pasture, in Tiburon, deeply breathing fresh bay air, luxuriating in the warmth of gentle sunshine and appreciating magnificent views, I thought about some of the remarks I have been hearing from friends the last few days regarding their inability to even conceive of doing a Master Cleanse.

At the time, I was feeling a bit hungry yet considering how satisfying it is to consume nutrients that are simple, satisfying and detoxing, and only take a minimal expenditure of energy. It was wonderful not having to think about what I wanted to eat, and then shopping for whatever that might be—generally tasty and nutritious, though not necessarily out-of-this-world delicious—then preparing it and all too often feeling sluggish or tired afterwards. Or maybe something I would eat on the way to an activity—eating too fast, as a result or even while I’m doing something else, like being on my computer or watching TV.

What I realized, is that my focus while I”m on a Master Cleanse, is totally different than when I’m eating as I would normally. But, once my mind and intention are clear in committing to do a Cleanse on such and such date, it really becomes relatively easy. And, day-to-day results I experience — and feel—almost every step of the way, make it even more rewarding

Like Walking on Fire

The “almost” reminds me of walking on fire with Tony Robbins, which I did in 1987 at the Marriott Hotel at LAX. I remember while walking on top of hot coals, I didn’t feel the heat at all, until I dropped my focus for just a split second. Doing the Master Cleanse is sometimes like that… I never thought of it like that ’til this very minute. Generally I put all my focus on where I’m going for the next 10-days, watching inches whittling away, belts fitting again, eliminating puffiness, increasing flexibility and strength, feeling fit and rejuvenated… the rewards of my commitment and doing the program step-by-step, day-by-day.

Today, by the way, is Day 8 on this go around of the Cleanse. My weight loss has tapered off a bit, which is not surprising. In fact, after an astonishing 8-pound weight loss in the first 5 or 6 days, then another half pound, it makes sense. Nonetheless, I am seeing a shift in that weight: a chiseling of my features and a toning of my body, along with added strength and flexibility from eliminating stored deposits of toxins… nice.

How Beyoncé Lost 20 Pounds in Two Weeks

WARNING: I was just reading how Beyoncé lost 20 pounds in two weeks, though she DID eat along the way! That always baffles me. The Master Cleanse is a specific formulation, anything else is an adaptation… AND, of course, because she really didn’t change her habits, she gained it all back.

“For things to change I’VE got to change.”

I know that’s the case. We all do. If I go back to eating how I did before a cleanse, there’s a very good possibility I’m going to gain it back and, in fact, I’ve experienced doing just that . . .though it generally takes awhile.

The truth is, that’s the way it is ALWAYS. If you go back to doing whatever you were doing before—in ANY situation—your results are going to be the same. DUH!

My Reset Button

For me the Master Cleanse is like my reset button. It’s a kind of “do-over.”

I get to do all the same things that got me in trouble before I began I started the program, or make new choices. After my third cleanse, I chose to become a vegan, which has proven to be a wonderful adventure.

Now, a couple of years later, I’m considering being more aware of my choices gluten-wise.

At the very least, introducing gluten back slowly. In fact, after a three-day ease-out after the Cleanse itself, which I get to start in a couple of days, I’m considering adding foods one at a time. Just to see how I feel. I’ll let you know how that goes.

In the meanwhile, is it time for you to consider what kinds of changes you want to make in your life?

I look forward to your feedback.

Happy change of seasons. Happy Autumn.

*Taken originally from the King James Version of The Bible, Proverbs 23:7 – “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

Let me know your thoughts.

Have you ever cleansed?

Have you ever done the Master Cleanse? What was your experience?

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The Lemonade Diet, Day One

6.30.15Today is the last day of June 2015.

Sunshine, blue skies and a green-hillside dotted with various sizes of evergreens are visible from my living-room office. It’s somewhat miraculous this time of year (June 2015) to enjoy days like this at my Tennessee Valley mountaintop getaway.

Summertime generally draws in a thick marine layer from the Pacific Ocean, which is just over the ridge… No complaints, but I do prefer sunshine, color and a soft breeze

I returned from an Alaskan Seminar-at-Sea Shamanic Cruise 11 days ago. I had booked several keynote speakers for the cruise and did a presentation myself, entitled “Demystifying Your Divine Blueprint.”

As I continue to shift back into my everyday schedule, I’m thoroughly delighted to have completed—finally— just yesterday—a major project that’s been looming for a long time… transferring my blogs from a former third-party website to my all-new website.

Whew… it has been a MEGA process! Thanks for your patience, this could take a while.  In the meantime, here are a few blogs that are still relevant TODAY.

Here’s a  re-post about from April 08, 2013 … Let me know your thoughts.

The Master Cleanse aka Lemonade Diet     MC_kit                                                   

For the next 10  days these  ingredients and  paraphernalia is all I will need  to feel absolutely  fabulous inside and out. . . . 

If I were to think about this 10-Day Ageless-Vitality Master Cleanse aka, “The Lemonade Diet,” as a TV series, this would be Season 2, Episode 2.  Since January 2011, two years ago, this is my sixth 10-day (or longer) episodic adventure on The Lemonade Diet (always followed by a 3-day ease off re-entry back into the world of eating normally). 

For me, “normally” means healthy, non-GMO, and organic whenever possible and necessary; many fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds…are GMO or notoriously sprayed with pesticides…. More on that another time…

Normal also means primarily vegan. From time-to-time, I do enjoy organic raw butter, sheep feta cheese and Parmigiano-Reggiano, made from raw cow’s milk. Generally though I do not eat cheese. In any case, my intentions is not to make a religion out of what I do and do not eat… if you know what I mean. This was not always the case. 😉

The situation and environments in which I’ve under taken my previous 10-Day Master Cleanses has been different every time. Sometimes I’ve been in social settings, sometimes out in the world working amidst others, sometimes in houses with delicious smelling food for breakfast, lunch and dinner being cooked, sometimes in retreat-like settings. Being off by myself in a retreat-like setting is my favorite, but they all can and do work. This cleanse I’m house-sitting for a friend who has an enclosed garden and hot tub; my schedule is flexible, so I can work my own hours uninterrupted by anyone except Qi, the kitty. Ahhh, paradise! There are times, I go into a Master Cleanse “kicking and screaming.” It’s somewhat like that now, but “the die is cast,” my intentions set and so, the adventure begins.

The Lemonade Diet: Simple, Pure Ingredients


It’s time to freeze or give away any perishable food in the refrigerator, ’cause for at least the next 10 days, these ingredients pictured above are what will be nourishing and cleansing my body. Three simple, healthful , all-organic foods: fresh lemons, grade-B maple syrup and cayenne pepper. The best quality of all three plus good water, organic herbal teas and real salt (I’ll talk more about why salt later. Suffice it to say, I will not be adding salt to my Elixir)


For “good” water, I generally refill non-BPA plastic gallon jugs at Glacier Water stations. It’s affordable, at 35¢ a gallon and it has a multi-level filtration system that is checked frequently. Bottled water in plastic, left in the sun is unhealthy, and this way I’m the one who’s responsible for what I’m drinking.

My preference would be to drink water gathered along the roadside from fresh mountain streams like I enjoyed in Sedona, Arizona last summer, but since I’m now living in the North Bay I do the best I can. I’m opened to a better affordable source.

I called Glacier Water about fluoride and they told me that their filtration system does remove fluoride. If you know another system that includes filtering out the fluoride currently found in Marin’s water, please be sure to comment below. I’ve bought and sent back home systems that don’t.

By the way,  always feel free to share your ideas, comments, questions and your experiences as we go along

The Lemonade Diet: Unexpected Benefit

Besides keeping track of when I drink my delicious elixir—as I lick the spoon after pouring two tablespoons into a 10-ounce glass, it’s easy to remind myself how lucky I am to enjoy such a yummy drink made with pure maple syrup. Another perk of this 10-Day journey to transformation, is that when I’m on The Lemonade Diet time opens up dramatically. There’s little to no time shopping, no cooking and little clean up. It’s astounding how much time those three actions alone use up each and every day in our lives.

I plan on using some of my new found time to use my friend’s bicycle to enjoy warm spring-like weather here in Marin since I live on top of a huge hill, and she lives in a valley.

What will you do with all the time you save on your 10-Day Master Cleanse?

The Lemonade Diet: Mastering Re-framing

You’ll hear me using words like “elixir” and later, during the ease-off stage, “nectar” throughout this experience. When people ask me about the Master Cleanse, and find out about it, most of them think “starvation.” It’s no wonder they barely last a day. I could not be successful if I thought about this experience in that way and neither can they. It’s important to consider all the wonderful benefits our bodies experience when incorporating this time-tested healing modality temporarily into our lives.

Personally, I love the transformational aspect of this 10-day program—and it’s immediate, I start to feel it working within the first day or two. And I appreciate the ageless-vitality component. Within three days, my skin glows. I noticed this benefit specifically because people regularly comment on it. It’s also an easy way to keep my weight balanced. Rather than to obsess about gaining a few pounds, I allow my weight to fluctuate a bit during different seasons, because I know I can control it in 10-short days. I’ve never liked “dieting” but I’ve been a advocate of cleansing and detoxing for good health since my twenties.

By the way, although I prefer beginning on a new moon— an ideal time for new beginnings of all kinds, I tend to take into account weekends and being social in my planning. Mondays are a great day to begin. Preplanning is important because to start on Monday, I want to drink a tasty herbal laxative tea before bed Sunday night.

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