Shima 5D-Astrology Offerings: Wisdom of the Ancients

                 . . . Because You Deserve                                                                    To Be Treated Like Royalty  

         ~ Since time immemorial kings, queens, and nobility sought the advice of trusted                 astrological priests and shaman.   •   Today,  savvy  and successful entrepreneurs, business executives, presidents and world leaders still seek out their counsel

 In-Depth, Cosmological Perspectives Make Exceptional Gifts for All Aspects of Life ~ 

  • Natal/Birth Horoscope • These in-depth, professional horoscopes provide THE foundational overview and insights for one’s entire life!
  • Transits  •** Ever wonder, “What’s the heck is going on”? Uncover upcoming or past challenges and flows for any time period…List & Reports  ~ 3-months of Transits   [6 months -$59.97 & 12 months $99.97]
  • Solar Return • “Happy Birthday” • Professional Solar Return Charts & Reports offer ahhhmazing  direction & insights for your new cycle. Why not illuminate every new annual solar cycle for yourself or others  this totally unique and empowering birthday gift
  • Lunar Return • NEW!!! Discover how you are affected by your natal moon each and every month—and each and every day. Your Lunar Return can tune you into important monthly rhythms and long-range influences.
  • Secondary Progression • NEW!!! Want to know where life is heading and how it’s evolving? Empower and impact your decisions and take greater control of your life’s direction with this most popular predictive tool.
  • Relationship • Synastry • Is he (she) right for me? Each human being affects us differently, in specific area of lives. Imagine discovering HOW and WHERE you flow – or not – with friends, lovers and business associates.
  • Relationship Composite •  Each relationship creates a unique third entity. Discover collective strengths and challenges with lovers, business partners, family and friends. Ideal engagement or wedding gift.
  • Body & Soul • Want to know which foods, nutrients, colors, tones, aromas, etc. most benefit you? This essential Healthy Lifestyle Tool highlights which assist you as well as remedies to strengthen your more susceptible areas.
  • New Baby in the Family? •  Wish your children came with a manual? “Developmental Astrology” reports provide tips and insights into each child’s unique qualities. Why not take advantage of THE Manual every parent / teacher / nannie has prayed for! Enjoy a rare POV of each child’s potential, drives and emotional needs.  •  Infants / Children or  Inner Child •  Based on early years of one’s life, this report can be a super helpful tool for Inner Child Work for therapists and those wanting to learn more!
  • AstroCartography • Where will I find Love? Success? Satisfaction?         Some places are better than others.  These maps show your best locations around the world (or locally) for your happiness.  Explore 3+ locations …

Charts + Professional Custom Reports with Introductory Overviews*  Only $39.97     Optional 15-60 min. personal report “tutoring” sessions available 

                      TO ORDER Email Name, Date & Place of Birth + Accurate Birth Time.                           Indicate which Chart(s) /Report(s) you’d like ~ Quick turnaround: PDFs~


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  1. Delve into the wealth of info in any of the above reports with an optional Tutorial
  2. Explore a 1-on-1 fully customized reading, using Traditional Astrology methods
  3. Enjoy Playful, Fun & Insightful Astro Group Sessions with several friends.