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• September 18, “Human Design” with special guest Billy White, Human Design Analyst     Waning Crescent – Balsamic Moon

• September 11, “Shamanic Soul Maps” with special guest Daniel Giamario, Shamanic Astrology Mystery School Founder                                                                                                       Waning Gibbous Moon

• September 4, “Special Labor Day Show”                                                                                       Waxing Gibbous Moon

• August 28 “Laura Eisenhower Reloaded”Shima’s 21-Day Spiritual Odyssey                 Waxing Crescent Moon

• August 21 “Laura Eisenhower, Eclipse Disclosures & Moore” LIVE from Mt Shasta -NEW Moon:  Total Solar Eclipse (28°53′ Leo)

• August 14  “Magical Mount Shasta & The Stargate Experience” special guest Mark     Appleman and Stargate Summer Camp Call-In guests from Oregon and Mexico.        Waning Gibbous/Disseminating Moon

August 7  “Lunar Eclipse & Cards of Destiny” with Special Guest Host, Sharon Jeffers and astrologer Lynn Hayes     • . FULL Moon

• July 31   “Navigating Life’s Challenges: Caring Circles” special guest Larry Tackett      Waxing Gibbous Moon

• July 24   “Living in Mythic Times” special guest Marguerite Rigoglioso, PhD .                  Waxing Crescent Moon

• July 17    “Awaken Visions ~Visionary Artist Daniel Holeman”                                         Waning Crescent Moon

• July 10  “Sound Healing special guest Wayne Perry”                                                            Waning Gibbous Moon

• July 3  “21st Day on the Ageless Vitality Master Cleanse” co-host Darrell Nichols, with special guest Dr Elson Haas, MD                                                                                              Waxing Gibbous Moon

• June 26  “The World is Yours, The Awakening: The Secret Behind The Secret” special guest Kurtis Lee Thomas                                                                                                         Waxing Crescent Moon

• June 19  Divine Mother … Awakening Humanity” special guest Tricia McCannon    Balsamic Moon

June 12    “New Paradigm in Partnership” special guest Kim Avery                                    Waning Gibbous Moon -Disseminating.

• June 5.    “Marriage of East-West Healing Secrets” special guest Dr. Steven West         Waxing Gibbous Moon

• May 29   “Memorable Memorial-Day Moon: Shima Moore, Astro-Educator/Advisor   Waxing Crescent Moon

• May 22 –Sexy, Sassy & Starting Over” special guest Karen Solomon                               Waning Crescent Moon – Balsamic

• May 15   “Let’s Talk Hemp” special guests Linda Delair & Lea Walters                               Waning Gibbous Moon – Disseminating

• May 8  10 Days to Ageless Vitality” Shima Moore, Ageless Vitality Coach                       Waxing Gibbous Moon

• May 1   “Time Passages –  Beltane, Solar Returns, Eris” special guest Henry Seltzer      Waxing Crescent Moon

April 24  “Let’s Talk Numbers” special guest Julian Michaels, celebrity numerologist   Waxing Crescent Moon to Balsamic

• April 17  NO RADIO SHOW ~                                                                                                           Caribbean Intuition-Cruise: Shima Moore, Emcee & “Wisdom of the Ancients” Presenter          FULL Moon

• April 10  “Wisdom of the Ancients” Shima Moore,  Astrological Educator/Advisor         Waxing Gibbous Moon

• April 3 “Cards of Destiny” special guest Sharon Jeffers                                                            First Quarter Moon

• March 27  “SECRETS of Organic Gardening” special guest Andy Lopez                         NEW Moon

• March 20 – DEBUT SHOW    Shima Moore, special guest Peter Winchell 5D Teacher   SPRING EQUINOX