A deep and joyous welcome . . .

ShimaScarfI AM delighted that you have found your way here. My intention is to “Empower You & Those You Love” through unique, yet practical Forays into the AHHHsome!

As a metaphysical & wholistic health curator, host of “Shima Metaphysics & Moore Radio,” Stargate facilitator, wordsmith, and AstroEducator, I am passionate in engaging audiences on multiple levels LIVE and online from my home in Mt Shasta.

I honor and respect ALL beings.

Whether my POV and/or info are new and unfamiliar to you, or if they feel like “home,” great!  I look forward to connecting with kindred spirits—and those newly blossoming kindred spirits.

My blogs, vlogs, musings, webinars, in-home seminars, playshops, concerts, cruises, events, conferences, festivals, and more. . . whew . . . will, no doubt, continue to morph as we go forward. But, at this point, the following are several of my current passions.

“5D_Star Portal: Astrology, Manifesting with Phases of the Moon, & Stargate Activations/Meditations ” — my PASSION!

Ancient Wisdom•Modern Pathways, my astrology offerings are a blend of cosmological insights, awareness, and motivation, including modern insights along with wisdom passed down since time immemorial through ancient teachers/priest/priestesses.

I offer much of this to you through in-depth, customized REPORTS, each with an easy-to-understand introduction, and a one-of-a-kind CHART. The info is all there for “those who have eyes to see.”

ALL AW•MP Charts, Reports and 1-on-1 Sessions are based on precise timing, according to the info you provide. This is essential since, like the coordinates of a map, an astrological chart is erected based on the date, place and specific time of birth, and, in some cases, the inquiry itself or event.

I AM NOW offering optional 1-on-1 private or group sessions, seminars, webinars, etc. along with In-depth Reports, either LIVE in Mount Shasta, at LIVE events or online via SKYPE or Zoom or phone.

My mission at shimamoore.com is “Empowering You & Those You Love.”

BTW, if successfully and effortlessly manifesting your intentions, dreams, etc, and discovering how to co-creating with each phase of the moon’s powerful Lunation Cycle — and unearthing your personal lunar personality — sound exciting. Yay! My clients are joyfully ahhhmazed by the wisdom available by simply tuning into reoccurring cycles of the moon.

Please join me for A Wellness Healing experience at the Miracle Springs Resort & Spa in Desert Hot Springs, California, on Saturday, May 23, 2020, when I present How to Decipher Your Astrological Blueprint: Empower Your Life in 2020. I will be available all weekend for live 1-on-1 sessions to go deep into your chart and answer your questions. BTW, it’s the weekend after Shaki Fest at the same location, so you’ll want to stay around.


I’m Passionate about Supporting Ageless Vitality & Wellbeing

And, I invite you to participate in ongoing education and hands-on experience and facilitation to support your own Vitality and Wellbeing. throughout the year, I AM available to personally assist you in achieving a successful outcome in an area I have personally experienced —

The 10-Day Ageless Vitality MASTER CLEANSE, gets MY seal of approval as a “most effective and affordable TOTAL BODY-MIND-SPIRIT RESET”!!!  I personally do several AVMCs a year!

And, even though, a FULL 10-day Cleanse is truly optimal—even a 3-Day Ageless Vitality Master Cleanse can make a huge difference in how you feel, look and think about yourself. So it’s okay to start with that. Who knows you may decide to continue. I once started out on a fabulous 21-day cleanse like that!

And, consider yourself INVITED to join me on my first Cleanse of 2020, the date to be determined! Since moving to Mount Shasta, I found the cold weather in winter to be a deterrent, however. — I have been invited to present an introductory talk on “The Ageless Vitality Master Cleanse”  at the Miracle Springs Resort & Spa in Desert Hot Springs, California, May 9, 2020. Most people feel both the Master Cleanse is very much easier with support! I’m happy to assist. Visit my FB page or explore further here on my website.


5D_StarPortal: STARGATE Activation/Meditation: A 12th Dimensional Experience

It’s my pleasure to also invite you to an experience unlike any other— an ahhhmazing 5D_StarPortal: STARGATE Activation/Meditation. 

Long-time meditators are just as blown away as newbies! No joke! Once activated, a Stargate, constructed on principles of sacred geometry, opens an inter-dimensional portal to awaken our DNA and remembrance of who we truly are. Bathed in a palpable field of love, participants effortlessly open to receive beneficient higher-dimensional beings, who are eager to assist us to heal, grow and evolve to our highest potential. Angels, nature divas, ascended masters, star families, and others, often join us in these experiential “meditations.”

Blending high-frequency vibrations with age-old alchemical wisdom of a heavenly cosmos—astrological oracles, insights, and cycles—used by ancients teachers, to advise, assist and guide humanity is something I love to share. It’s a unique function of my 5D_Star Portal experiences.

And finally, I invite you to ENJOY archived REPLAYS of my weekly international radio show, Shima: Metaphysics & Moore” (2017 & 2018) which is now on hiatus. But do stay tuned. . . .


AGAIN, my intention on this site is to bring our tribe or community together and to make this a co-creative space where we can share and empower each other’s creativity and vision.

I look forward to hearing all your practical, day-to-day insights and awareness, as well as AHHHmazing, multi-dimensional Art, Music, Healing, Events, Media and Ascension tools and techniques that connect our hearts and minds, propelling us forward on this journey of life.

I appreciate you and am so grateful that we have found each other.

Remember, if it’s to be, it is up to us to co-creator transformation and consciousness on our beautiful planet.

Be sure to sign up to receive AHHHsome updates . . . and come back soon

In Joy, Gratitude & Celebration,


PS. If anything I’ve shared thus far has ignited a spark within, please don’t keep me a secret…

6 thoughts on “A deep and joyous welcome . . .”

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  2. Hi Shima, I’m gonna be joining you at the Life Expo and I was wondering what is the dress Attire? I’m
    Looking forward to having this new experience.
    Thank you Shima
    Leslie Allen


  3. Saw you in Dunsmuir… you trully radiate spiritual beauty….I was having coffee at the Wheelhouse and you were engaged in a conversation someone quite prominent in town… I was doing healing work at Jazz in the Canyons Arts and Crafts in Dunsmuir… you gave me your card… thank you, the body of your work is very special. See you at the expo in LA lwbo

    Liked by 1 person

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