Miracle Springs Resort & Spa: Astrological Basics to Empower Your Life • May 23, 2020

Decipher Your Astrological Blueprint: Empower Your LifeShimaCLE.closeup

2020 is a major life-changing year for each of us individually, and globally.

For those with “ eyes to see,” an awareness of the moment of birth and the ensuing cycles of the planets (captured in one’s astrology chart), have been used by ancients masters since time immemorial. Discover how this age-old gift can be used to advise, assist and guide you and humanity to navigate today’s world.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to enjoy Mount Shasta astrological educator, Shima Moore, and to benefit from her helpful tips, insights, resources, and tools to empower all aspects of your life, relationships and business in 2020 and beyond.


A lifelong visionary, and transformational facilitator, Shima Moore, BS, Elem Education, CCHt, is a metaphysical curator and conscious-event producer. She teaches practical, holistic arts and life skills through seminars, 1-on-1 sessions and tutorials LIVE and via Skype.

She is co-founder The Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo (2003), Perceptions magazine (1993), San Francisco’s Rainbow Grocery & General Store Cooperative (1974) and the originator of Total Body Awareness (1984) and 5D_StarPortal Astrological Insights, Lunar Phase Awareness & Stargate Activations/Meditations (2015).

She delights in sharing Wisdom of the Ancients•Modern Pathways, an easy-to-understand, cosmic perspective using Star Maps to inspire and empower all aspects of our lives. In this lively session, you will experience insightful benefits for yourself in using this empowering evolutionary tool. Feel free to participate or to simply listen and observe.

Shima is offering complimentary birth charts* to the first 15 people who sign up for her Miracle Springs Resort & Spa, presentation May 23, 2020.

*Please email your date, time, and place of birth to ShimaDivina@gmail.com.

For deeper personalized insights and/or to answer your questions, Shima will be available throughout the weekend for 1-on-1 appointments of various lengths.

Enjoy archives of her weekly radio show, “Shima: Metaphysics & Moore,” and much more at shimamoore.com


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