A Stargate Meditation: Conscious Life Expo, Feb 2017

On Friday, February 10th, Shima Moore kicked off The 15th Annual Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo with a full room of attendees, by facilitating a CLE Stargate Meditation.

5D_StarPortal Stargate Experience:

Bathe in the bliss of other Dimensions

The Stargate, introduced to the planet in 1989, is one of the most advanced leading-edge devices to assist humanity in the awakening process, and reconnection to its heritage from the Stars. Stargate International worked with this structure on other worlds and brought it to the planet at this critical time in human evolution.

Constructed on principles of sacred geometry, the Stargate is a physical as well as an etheric structure. It is an inter-dimensional portal that activates our DNA and our remembering of who we truly are. The Stargate is a conscious being who responds to each us individually, according to our openness and clarity of intention.

Once activated, energy fields created by this conscious structure envelope the audience in 12th-dimensional frequencies. Bathed in a palpable field of love, we are ever more receptive to various groups of beneficient higher-dimensional beings, eager to help us heal, grow, and evolve into our highest potential. Angels, Nature Divas, Ascended Masters, Star Families, and others frequently join us during these experiential “meditations.” Simply by being in their loving vibrations, the great potential of change is there for each of us.

Multi-dimensional dormant DNA reactivates, physical healings have been reported, ancient Karma dissolved, stress disappearing, psychic abilities enhanced, love, joy, and awareness expanding.

Stargate facilitator, Shima Moore has been leading 5D_Star Portal Stargates in Marin and elsewhere since 2015 and coordinating SF Bay Area Stargates International events with founders, Prageet Harris and Julieann Conard, since 2013. Whether you are a seasoned Stargate traveler or brand new to the experience, you are most welcome to join Shima to feel for yourself the powerful, transformative energies of Stargate Activations/Meditations.

Our time together generally consists of two to three 5D_StarPortal Stargate meditations accompanied by music to further elevate and uplift your experience. After each meditation, there is ample time for sharing and for questions and answers.


Shima Moore, Stargate Facilitator & SF Bay Area SGI Coordinator

Lifelong visionary and transformational facilitator Shima Moore curates and teaches metaphysical, holistic, and practical life skills.

Co-founder of The Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo (Program Director Emeritus), Perceptions magazine (Editor in Chief), and SF’s Rainbow Grocery & General Store (Head Buyer), Shima has been The Stargate Experience‘s Bay Area Coordinator since 2014 and currently leads 5D StarPortal_Stargate Activations/Meditations in the Bay Area and elsewhere.

An AstroEducator of Ancient Wisdom • Modern Pathways  (MarinAstrology.com), Shima has started a Child Empowerment “GoFundMe” Project, which utilizes decades of her metaphysical studies, training in education and powerful insights of astrology to empower children and provide peace-of-mind to their parents, grandparents, teachers, guardians, and therapists by guiding them in how to best nurture and support each child’s talents, potentials and proclivities from birth through adolescence.

As founder/coach of 10-Day Ageless Vitality Master Cleanse, since 2011, she facilitates several personal and group total-body resets each year using the tried-and-true success of the Master Cleanse.

Archives of “Shima: Metaphysics & Moore,” her inspirational and empowering weekly radio show (2017-2018) can be heard 24/7 at

Shima delights in bringing people together and in presenting motivational seminars, one-on-one sessions and tutorials LIVE and via Skype • ShimaMoore.com





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