What Does It Take to Gear Up Mentally For A 10-Day Master Cleanse?


Resolve and fortitude are essential qualities necessary to overcome diversions of social gatherings, work schedules and just plain resistance  in breaking out of our  3-meal-a-day obsession.

So much of our interactions, relationships, entertainment and holidays focus on food. Such behavior makes a decision to ingest primarily a singular magic-elixir formula for a full 10 days, and cope with justified expectations of setbacks and discomfort physically and mentally along the way, are unnecessary considerations for most folks to even consider.

So why on earth, have I set this ahhhsome goal for myself more than 20 times the last five years— since January 2011? Let’s see if I can explain it . . .

For the most part, I love, love, love how I feel physically, mentally, and spiritually from day one. Sometimes I can get a bit cranky but on the very first morning when I awake on Day 1, I feel better. I’ve already begun an elimination process by drinking a cup of warm Smooth Move, herbal laxative tea the night before. Generally it’s a Sunday night. If I can tie it into a special lunar event of some kind “all’s the better.”

Generally, I’ve watched my self as I begin to spin a bit out-of-control primarily in areas relative to carbohydrates like bread, pasta, chips, ice cream/yogurt, wine, etc. Dairy cravings are generally a good indicator for me. Prior to that, I’m basically excellent at resisting and substituting tasty alternatives (including vegan alternatives to dairy) for longer and longer periods of time after a Master Cleanse. What I notice is that sooner or later I begin to stray and begin eating and snacking on foods that don’t support feelings of vitality. When I first begin to get a sense that it’s happening, I also witness rising numbers on digital bathroom scale first thing in the morning. When I start seeing numbers that feels like a threshold, my serious consideration of my next cleanse, begins.

To be transparent I’m feeling that NOW, so GET READY FOR MY UPCOMING AUTUMN CLEANSE.

You are welcome to join me. Let me know in a comment below, okay? I haven’t fully integrated my AVMC group into this site yet, but want you to still be able to get the support you need.

In fact, I’m considering a brief one NEXT WEEK before my upcoming 4 Day New Paradigm Shift event in Berkeley, and a longer one right after for the Autumn Equinox.

I choose the Master Cleanse because it’s the simplest, most efficient and most affordable system that I’ve found for a total body – mind RESET. It’s also minimally invasive physically, and mentally, probably because it’s also so wonderful spiritually and deciding on what foods to purchase prepare and eat consume a huge part of our day. Time slows down on the Master Cleanse. Mindfulness is a given.

I’ve named my version of the program Ageless Vitality Master Cleanse because that’s how it feels to me. I feel more flexible and youthful as time goes on. Each cleanse goes deeper and offers new epiphanies. It is my joy to empower others to have a similar experience of success and a rise in their self esteem, for those truly committed, to complete a full 10 days with a 3-4 day ease off. That is a successful Ageless Vitality Master Cleanse.

Experimenting with new foods and recipes and feeling on top of one’s game is a glorious reward once we get back into eating. It is essential to have a plan. I’ve done it with and without and a plan is a good thing. 10 Days, well actually 13-16 days goes by a heck of a faster than you would imagine… so having a plan of action in place is ideal.

Be sure to stay tuned for more Rockstar Success Secrets.


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