Is It Possible To Directly Experience the 12th Dimension?

The Stargate Experience

Stargate Top ViewAn earlier version of this article was posted by Shima Moore on Dec 10, 2013

Had my introduction to The Stargate not been through someone I thoroughly respect and admire, I might have missed out entirely on such a profound experience of quantum reality. However, after a longtime friend and business partner from SoCal, first stumbled upon the 12th Dimensional experience himself in Hot Springs, Arkansas at a  12.12.12 Event, he could barely contain his excitement and praise of this ahhhmazing “meditation.”

It was almost a full year later when he alerted me that The Stargate was coming to my neighborhood for the weekend. Even so, without my knowledge of his excitement, a Stargate might not have been enough to entice my attention away from anticipated seasonal festivities and parties kicking off the holidays. As such, my commitment initially was solely to attend a three-hour “introductory” session. After all it was almost knocking on my door, right here in Southern Marin.

My very first Stargate was on Friday night. December 6, 2013, in Sausalito at the water’s edge— it was a cold, wet, and dark. That it was the opening of one of my favorite annual seasonal events had me torn —the festive “ICB Art Reception Opening,” was happening at the same time just a few blocks away at the Industrial Center Building. So the Stargate experience was a direct conflict. Bay Area friends traditionally congregate each year to enjoy three floors of magnificent artwork of ICB artists, and a high-energy opening night party, across the street, at The Seahorse Nightclub.

I had invited another longtime  friend Debra Guisti to join me for the introductory Stargate event, since I had a feeling it would be something with which she would resonate. We decided to meet before hand at Le Garage Restaurant to catch up and enjoy a bowl of delicious warming squash soup and crisp endive salad on what turned out to be a bitterly chilly wet evening. The restaurant was at the end of the dock just a short walking distance from the Sausalito Healing Center, where the Stargate Experience was being held.

The charming center, which overlooked the harbor with a majestic view of Mount Tamalpais, offered a variety of movement and therapy during the day. Up ’til that evening I didn’t know it existed. What a great spot!


When Debra and I arrived, the room’s perimeter was already lined with people of all ages sitting with “backjacks,” or on folding chairs, surrounding a 6-foot tall geometrically designed structure (pictured above). Most people were wearing layers of warm clothes, sitting on thick yoga blankets or wrapped up in both.

I was surprised to discover that this was not the first time Stargates International founder, Prageet Harris had brought The Stargate Experience to Marin;  in fact, I realize that I may have even seen flyers about it while shopping at Open Secret Bookstore in San Rafael, where other events had taken place.

Chances are friends and associates of mine may have already witnessed what I can now describe as a “profound” experience, but up to that moment, I hadn’t even considered that possibility.

Crystals and incense were not a part of the event. Neither was chanting or any other New Age accouterments, rather a soft-spoken, silver haired Englishman simply invited everyone to relax and without expectations.

“There is no right or wrong way to experience the Stargate,” he offered encouragingly as he shared a bit about his 25-year journey in realms beyond a typical Friday night in Sausalito.

His voice was warm and inviting and his two cohorts, Gregg Bartow, The Realm Ryder, an accomplished musician who accompanied each of the “meditations” with live ethereal music and Julieanne Conard, a lovely angelic-looking young woman who worked with Prageet in grounding the energy and accelerating the vibrational field of the Stargate itself to a 12th Dimension and giving voice to our entreats in welcoming the angelic realm, Gaia, fairies, ascended masters, and intergalactic star beings.  As “out there” or “woo woo” as it might sound, my personal experience was powerful and indisputably solid.

I felt ahhhmazingly peaceful, powerful tuned in to an altered state and a noticeable shift in my perception during the short mediations and afterwards. The meditation and the Stargate were purported to reawaken our DNA.

I liked how I felt throughout the evening and decided to return the next day from 10 am- 5:30pm. At the end of the day on Saturday,  I decided to return once again the following morning. This “meditation” was not a typical experience in my decades-long familiarity and practice of meditation.

StargateSR3.14After the weekend,  I knew that I wanted to actively introduce Marin to The Stargate Experience by co-producing ongoing and ever-expanding events with Prageet and Julianne in homes, recreational centers and hotels throughout the county as well as traveling to Maui and Mount Shasta to attend 2, 3 and 4-day Intensives. .   .

Yes, something palpable has been stirred within me and continues to get more pronounced each time I experience the Stargate and listen to the  Stargate’s guide Alcazar… through Prageet and Julieanne.


Join me in further adventures in “Forays Into the AHHHsome,” as we venture to  The Stargate and other journeys that empower Body, Mind and Spirits.

~ This is truly a gloriously powerful time to be alive, don’t you think?


Julieanne Conrad, Prageet Harris and Shima Moore in front of a 10.5-foot Stargate structure, handmade of titanium and copper. at Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles, February 2015


Stay tuned … and be sure to visit FITA often.

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