Approaching Astrology with New Eyes

In 2015, I embarked upon a new journey in my appreciation of astrology. I’ve been attracted to astrology and metaphysics for many decades, and more since purchasing my first professional astrological program in 1987, the year remembered by some folks for the “Harmonic Convergence.”

Jose Arguellos introduced the Mayan Calendar to the New Age community that year when he ushered in the memorable event celebrated around the world. It was an initial foreshadowing of the world “coming to end,” December 21, 2012. There’s much to be said about the prediction and what actually occurred and is occurring, but we’ll address that another time.

Prior to 1987, I was sparked by possibilities of self-knowledge, which  I instinctively felt was available through an understanding of astrology, but it wasn’t truly until a fateful day in ’87, while visiting a used bookstore in Colorado Springs that I first embarked in earnest in utilizing astrology as a my life path.

Ironically, that hot summer day was my one and only trip down into town from the rustic metaphysical summer school in the Blue Mountain hills, where  I was manager for the summer. Several of the used books I purchased that day have remained in my ever-growing collection of reference books.

Upon returning to my beachside home retreat in Malibu, a month or so later, I had access to my very first computer — a Macintosh SE. I quickly began seeking out and eventually purchased my first professional astrological program for the Mac. It was then that I first grokked the astrological implications of that very day. My progressed Sun was conjunct Uranus, implicating sudden awakenings, astrology and computers. I’ll save the many adventures emerging from that moment for another time.

Jump to present time.

Happily, I  finally have all my ducks in a row as an astrological educator.  June 2015, I taught “Astrology 101: Demystifying the Basics,” onboard a Shaman Cruise to Alaska, with Colette Baron Reid, Debra Silverman, and many other luminaries in the metaphysical world. Through the years, I’ve continued to teach seminars at various Expos, and even hosted my own Falcon-cable-TV show (Astrological Awareness, Insights & Motivation) for a season or two.

Although I offer a variety of delicious professional reports to clients, that include detailed introductions, I’ve recently begun to include a more ancient point-of-view in my ever-evolving inquiry. Months before my Alaskan cruise I began an astrological-immersion course online with hopes of honing my skills even more. I  had no idea how much of my astrological understanding was about to shift.

To be continued…

Here’s a recommended book from my own shelves.

It’s easily digested reading with lots of insightful information from a more traditional POV.

“On the Heavenly Spheres: A Treatise on Traditional Astrology,” by Helena Avelar


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