A deep and joyous welcome . . .

ShimaScarfAs always, we are in process of creating AHHHsomeness  , , ,  and are so delighted that you have found your way here as we Foray into the AHHHsome!

Our mission is to be a curator for metaphysical, wholistic, visionary and transformational life skills— practical and maybe not-so-practical tools, tips, news, and ‘views whose goal is to  empower, enlighten and/or excite each of us, our families and tribes in some way. 😉

We honor ALL beings.

Some of this info may be new and totally unfamiliar to you , or it may feel like “home” . . . In any case, we are seeking to connect with kindred spirits—and those who are newly blossoming kindred spirits—through blogs, v-logs, musings, webinars, intimate in-home seminars, playshops, concerts, cruises, events, conferences, festivals, and more. . . no doubt our offerings will continue to morph as we go forward.

Some of our offerings include Ancient Wisdom•Modern Pathways, cosmological insights, awareness and motivation passed down since time immemorial through ancient/modern teachers and priest/priestesses in the form of in-depth customized reports, easy-to-understand introductions, one-of-a-kind charts  and optional 1-on-1 sessions seminars, webinars, etc. live or via SKYPE or Zoom.  All are based on precise astrological timing according to one’s day, place and time of birth.

Other offerings here on shimamoore.com (“Forays Into the Ahhhsome”) include ongoing education and hands-on facilitation to assist you in achieving successful outcomes on what we have personally come to experience as a one of the most effective and affordable BODY-MIND-SPIRIT RESETS available anywhere—our Ageless Vitality MASTER CLEANSE Though 10 days is recommended, three or more days on an AV Master Cleanse can make a huge difference in how you feel, look and think. You will be empowered and AHHHmazed!

Our AHHHsome 5D_Star Portal experiences includes 12 Dimensional STARGATE Meditations accompanied by Angels, Guides / Guardians, Ascended Masters, Devic / Nature beings, Star Families and benevolent others who bless us with their love and vision. The Stargate activates and elevates our DNA and offers each participant his or her own unique experience.  Our gatherings bring together and unite our growing 5DHC- Fifth Dimensional Healing Community.

And finally, check here for LINKS to archived REPLAYS of my weekly international radio show, “Shima: Metaphysics & Moore.” Listen LIVE every Monday 5–7 PM PT (adjust to your timezone) on listener-sponsored TruthCatRadio.com. Listen on your computer at TruthCatRadio.com or on your phone toll-free at 714-598-3125 (be sure to MUTE yourself) You can also reach out to Steven.D.Kelley, our producer on SKYPE . Call the toll-free number to make your comments and/or ask questions of me and/or my guests. We look forward to meeting you.

Most importantly, this site is about bringing together community.

This is a space where we can share and empower each other’s creativity and vision. We  look forward to down-home practical 3D, day-to-day insights and awareness,  as well as AHHHmazing, empowering  and multi-dimensional Art, Music, Healing, Events, Media and Ascension tools and techniques that connect our hearts and minds and propels us forward on this journey of life.

We appreciate you and are grateful that we have found each other.

Together, we can co-creator transformation and consciousness on our planet.

Sign up to receive  AHHHsome updates . . . and be sure to come back soon

In Joy, Grace, Gratitude & Love,

Shima Divina

PS. If we have ignited a spark within, please don’t keep us a secret…


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